The non-profit "Association of Belgian Warrant Holders"

Founded on September 1, 1988 with the support of the Royal Palace, the non-profit association received as its main missions: the defence and promotion of the title.

Extract from the association’s statutes (Art. 4 ‘Purpose’, point 1.):

"The association’s purpose is:

Since its creation, the association has done everything necessary to meet each of these points.

Safeguarding the title

Initially, the association assisted the Royal Palace in clarifying the list of suppliers, by precisely determining those that could claim to have the title and demonstrate it. Some 92 companies and craftsmen were retained and announced by the Steward of the King’s Civil List, on February 15 1990, during the association’s first press conference.

Since then, the association has consistently overseen that the use of the licence by its members is perfectly appropriate, according to the rules of the conditions of concession and while showing deep respect for the trust shown by His Majesty the King.

Promoting the title

The association scrupulously respects its role of bringing together its supplier members, by using their diversity - in terms of activity and the size of the companies – as a source of richness rather than difficulties. The work undertaken since 1990 in the media and the press helps make the meaning and inherent value of the title as widely known as possible. This situation is diametrically different from what existed before, when the confidentiality that surrounded the warrant was such that the public was barely aware of it.